The way to victory!

We are almost used to the situation in our country.  Almost… Because it is never possible to get used to absolutely.  We get used to understanding our mortality, to not being able to control it, to constantly overcoming the fear of death.  Now, more than ever, we are faced with existential questions that are obvious reality.  Will I have my life?  Will I have my being?  What should I do next?  What is being anyway?  We have already overcome and rethought the standard of living.  The next step is being, in which meaning is born.  Now the meaning of being an individual has the ability to unite with the meanings of others. They are trying to destroy us as a nation, as a country, as people.  It is very scary – the threat of physical, cultural and moral destruction.  And this fear creates a desire not just to „live“, but loudly „to be“, thus fighting for your being what you consider your value and meaning.  And why should we live?  The main thing is that the meanings of existence must unite us forever, because, as Dido Freud said, „if a group united in one sense disintegrates after overcoming the enemy, it risks becoming helpless and weak.“  Freedom, will, responsibility, meaning, values ​​- the way to victory! OLENA

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