What the war taught me!

Woke up to the sounds of bombing, alive – good.  Woke up in silence – even better!  He stayed in Ukraine and is still alive – excellent!

Don’t put off your life until Monday.  She is very fragile.  Life today, now and at this moment, do what pleases you, not society!

The whole world is one!  People from all over the world help Ukrainians.  Everyone is very kind and responsive.  I hope we can also thank the World for helping Ukraine.

I want to live in Ukraine!  Ukraine is my home and I feel as comfortable as possible in it.  Our traditions are wonderful.  And what it will be depends on us!

Appreciate people and understand who to be with!  They said goodbye to some people, many dropped out, but even more – completely new people, new acquaintances.  Who were united by a common pain and tragedy. Do not hold on to those who only say and do not!  In my experience, everything is possible!  The rest is reluctance.  And unwillingness is uselessness.  No need to waste money and such people time.  And especially grieve.

Live your own life, not someone else’s.  Do not envy, do not discuss and do not condemn.  Life is unpredictable.  Do not hate.  Hatred is destructive.  It leads to what is happening now.

Don’t devalue.  Do not discount your problems and do not compare the problems of the whole world.  Do not discount the problems of others, everyone has their own ceiling of pain, grief and patience.

Don’t regret anything.  Everything happens on time and for the best.  Yes, no matter what the situation is, but through pain and grief, we begin to appreciate and look at everything from a different angle.

Peace and love to all!

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